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Innovation driving accurate, cost effective, and safer oil and gas testing


Leverageing advanced materials for S+W testing

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Advanced Shatter-proof Material

Centech leverages its engineering know-how to bring advanced aerospace materials to crude oil quality testing. Our shatter-proof centrifuge tubes will save you time, money, and improve on safety at price point less than any glass tube you'll ever buy. 


  • Proven durability at 200°F and 1000 rcf 

  • Valid for API Ch. 10.4 Determination of Water and Sediment 

  • Rated for Varsol, Mineral Spirits, Kerosine, and Stoddard Solvent

  • Fully transparent

  • Threaded wide-neck top for safe handling and easy cleaning 

Patent Pending

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A Centech Tube can be dropped from the back of a truck or the top of a lease tank and it won't shatter -- saving your team time from having to re-sample a tank, eliminates the hazards of broken glass shards, and saves you money from purchasing replacement measuring equipment. 


Protective Centrifuge Tube Sleeves

No longer will your centrifuge tubes experience wear and tear from the extreme conditions they're exposed to out in the field. Centech brings to the oil and gas industry the same advanced material that NASA uses to prevent hardware from scratching on rocket assent to the International Space Station. Centech's protective sleeves will increase the longevity, durability, and quality of your measuring equipment. 


Protective Sleeve Installation Instructions

Step 1

Clean the surface of the metal centrifuge tube holder from any particulate or oil residue. 


Insert the tube into the protective sleeve. 


Remove the 4x adhesive backing strips from the protective sleeve. 


Insert the centrifuge tube with the protective sleeve into the pre-heater or centrifuge cup. 


Remove the tube and the protective sleeve will remain in the cup.